Class Management

Assignments, Grading, Transcripts & Attendance

Designed for teachers, our class management suite can automate assignments, grading and attendance.
Teachers can manage multiple classes within a single dahboard.

Post assignments for online or in-class submissions, set due dates and start grading. Manage multiple classes on a single dashboard.

  • Categorize assignments (projects, quizzes, homework etc)
  • Link assignments with lesson plans
  • Create weighted assignments and/or add sections
  • Post student specific assignments
  • Tons of customized features and do-it-yourself settings

Create assignment sections, print PDFs for class handouts and for parent signatures. Download submitted assignments as a single package.

Post Assignment

Grade assignments for online and in-class submissions. Enter notes and plan for the next steps.

Set different grading scales for individual classes. For example; elementary grades can have letter grading and secondary grades can have percentage grading.

  • Percentage, letter, standard or narrative grading
  • Twin GPA scales
  • Drop lowest grades
  • Scoring for assignment sections
  • Display per-subject and per-class grades on parent dashboard

Intuitive dashboard for grading all assigments in a single go combined with per assignment grading dashbaord.

Assignment Grading

Semester Grading

Approve and generate transcripts as PDF files. Semester reports can include attendance, subject and teacher information.

  • Parent access for transcripts
  • On-request transcripts
  • Paid transcripts
  • Customized layout to match school specific requirements
  • Print notes and next steps for parent review

Customized transcript solutions with school logo, grading narratives and progress explanations.


Take attendance online and review submissions by parents.

  • Multiple attendance status (Absent, Tardy or Early)
  • Parent/Teacher notes per student per attendance
  • Parent access for online attendance submission
  • Attendance update
  • Print bi-weekly attendance
  • Print attendance for the school
  • Customised export

Instant email notifications to parents for Tardy and Absent students.

Biometric attendance system (Mark My Attendance) also available on request.

Take Attendance

In-app messaing with students and parents helps teachers maintain the communication flow.

  • Teacher student messaging
  • Teacher parent messaging
  • Past communications
  • Notification by emails
  • Daily class activity updates with notes, pictures, videos & documents

Class Management Components

Class Timetables
Teacher Timetables
Student Classes
Student Groups
Student Sections
Student Types
Lession Plans
Online Assignments
In-class Assignments
Weighted Assignments
PDFs Handouts
Assignment Sections
Standard Grading
GPA Grading
Letter Grading
Percentage Grading
Narrative Grading
Drop Lowest Grade
PDFs Transcripts
Paid Transcripts
Attendance by Teachers
Attendance by Parents
Attendance Notes/Comments
Biometric Attendance